The EDDIE Awards

The EDDIE Awards
Congratulations winners! We want to extend our wishes and have our designer Salil Jaisingh dress you up for your big day. Salil Jaisingh is a menswear designer who specialises in bespoke fits and everything menswear.
For the perfect fit, please follow the following steps to help the designer have your true to fit measurements. Pro tip, please have someone assist you in taking measurements to make sure they are accurate. Also, if possible, please mention your ideal size in any brand that fits you to your liking for our reference. The video attached is elaborate and informative about how to take the correct measurements.
Salil Jaisingh will himself be available on appointment basis over a video call to assist you further. You can contact him for a slot available and he would be happy to help you out.
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Book a live consultation with Salil Jaisingh
Date- 16th-17th March
Time- 10;30 am – 12::30 am IST 7:00 pm – 11:30 pm IST
How to take your own measurements
watch this video
Size Chart
All sizes are in inches